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As Built - As Lived
As Built - As Lived

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As Built - As Lived

Year: 2017
Type: Group Exhibition (Built)
Venue: Souvenirs: New New York Icons Exhibition, Storefront Art and Architecture, New York.
Project team: Neyran Turan, Keenan Gravier, Isabella Warren-Mohr, Zhifei Xu, Katherine Ubben, James Skarzenski.

As Built - As Lived is a sampling of models within a model. The project piles together six models, each of which presenting the close-up view of an eccentric as-found detail located in the area spreading onto the Boro Park, the Kensington, the Ocean Parkway, and the Midwood neighborhoods in Brooklyn. While the grouping of these details is accumulative, non-hierarchical and flattened in terms of scale and category, their presentation is dead-pan in articulation. Similar to as-built drawings that reveal all changes made to the specifications and working drawings during or after construction, each of the six details is presented with its full articulation either as a three dimensional replica or a two dimensional projection of the detail’s perspective view as a relief model. These details are surrounded by several out-of-scale entourage objects that each depict diverse everyday activities in the city: a giant sweeper leaning onto a wall, an over-scaled abandoned bike on the street, barricades for construction, irregularly placed garbage cans right after another weekly trash collection or an overturned plastic bottle case after a weekend barbeque party, etc. Presented as—the seemingly ordinary but—the real participants of the collective image of New York, both the details (as built) and the entourage (as lived) gain a new meaning when assembled together as a possible souvenir for the city. In this way, As Built – As Lived is an invitation to consider the city as a pile of material accumulation and a set of incongruous subtlety that are all enabled to coexist together on the same space of representation.