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CS2 House

Honorable Mention, 2022 BEST OF DESIGN AWARDS, The Architect's Newspaper

Year: 2021 - under construction

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Type: Commission / Private Residence
Project team: Neyran Turan, Mete Sonmez, Alicia Moreira, Douglas Lee

A house with one big roof and a circular base. A roof space of rooms sitting on top of a circular volume with an open plan. Two volumes, two footprints, two plan types, and multiple ways of living. The circular open space has a kitchen and a bathroom. This space is sometimes a home office, a sleeping nest, a living area, a dinner party, a book club, an art studio, a childcare-friendly workspace, a children's play area, and many more things. The roof has two rooms and a shared bathroom. Roof spaces are sometimes for sleeping, solace, privacy, and many more things. Misalignments between the two footprints result in a small terrace space on the upper level and shaded outdoor areas on the ground level.

One roof, one base, and multiple stories to tell.