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Eaarthly Ever After
Eaarthly Ever After

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Eaarthly Ever After

Year: 2021
Project team: Neyran Turan, Alicia Moreira

An architectural model is sitting on a table in an architectural studio and is sometimes showcased in exhibitions. The model depicts a building with four roofs that are lifted on blocks and assembled around a collective space. The sky is orange outside. It is the atmosphere of a planet where extreme weather events are the norm. Air filters are very thick in this room. The garment on the hanger has gloves and a mask attached to its body. There is some architectural paperwork on the table and around the architectural model. Scripted protocols of the paperwork give hints about the new norms of architectural practice while accounting for care and stewardship.

This is a time when construction is regenerative. Materials are only to be reused, reassembled, and repurposed. For the depicted building, straw, sawdust, and other agricultural byproducts are wrapped in waterproof bio-textiles to create insulation and roofing. Construction waste is mixed with bio-binders to develop building blocks that carry the four roofs.

In Eaarth, or this new world, unique sensibilities are emerging, and new stories are being told.