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Beaux-Arts Ball on Table
Beaux-Arts Ball on Table
Beaux-Arts Ball on Table

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Beaux-Arts Ball on Table

Year: 2021
Type: Virtual Installation (Built)
Client: Architectural League of New York.
Venue: SpatialWeb in partnership with Beneville Studios.
Project team: Neyran Turan, Ryan Shin.
Sound Design: Evan Zierk.

A table with a model and some objects. A model of five rooms. A big room surrounded by four other rooms. Shallow stage sets posed as deep rooms. Fake perspectives read against their original depths. A trumpet accidentally dropped in a bathtub. A giant Earth on the kitchen table. A disco ball popping up in the bedroom. An outdoor space on a table. A Beaux-Arts Ball spilling slowly into homes. Diverse bodies remote but at an intimate party on a table together.